Threat Trends in the Hospitality Industry

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4 min readDec 17, 2021


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In the fast-changing and competitive hospitality industry, it is vital to have a balanced mix of digital technology. The right combination of technological tools will help you accomplish and even surpass the expectations of your clients. It’s important to remember that those expectations are constantly changing, usually increasing and becoming more demanding.

However, the same tech that helps us with that process presents new security vulnerabilities. As organizations invest more in cybersecurity, attackers keep improving their skills for trespassing. Even though the MO is constantly changing, some important things are always good to keep in mind.

At Secure Stay, we’re aware of the predominance cybersecurity should have so your business can thrive. It’s vital that protecting your business, customers, and reputation is a top priority. But we got your back; we’ll mention the most significant threat trends in the hospitality industry that have happened throughout the year.

The Background

Due to the events from last year, our lives changed radically in a matter of months. The pandemic showed us how vulnerable we are as a society. Many different industries suffered from the new normality we had to create to face this new health challenge. Not to mention the catastrophic effect it had on the hospitality industry.

Cybersecurity functions had to be readapted to face these new challenges. Most organizations worldwide had to start working from home, which makes monitoring security a more complex process.

Organizations are risking their cybersecurity at all levels. From devices and networks to communication platforms, security is more vulnerable than ever. 2021 brought adversaries who developed new ways to exploit Microsoft Exchange environments. They created more sophisticated control methods and commands to try to avoid detection. They managed to accomplish this by utilizing internal proxy mechanisms.

What is New With the Threat Trends in the Hospitality Industry

With these accelerated transformations, we saw an increase in the number of phishing and social engineering campaigns. Also, cyberespionage and criminal groups were trying to take advantage of these vulnerabilities. One of the most noticeably vulnerable groups was the employees who were not familiar with tech environment management.

Organizations around the globe went through a financial crisis because of the economic disruptions all economies suffered. These circumstances translate into the need to increase or maintain cybersecurity coverage. Although, maintaining specific security standards is hard to do when dealing with budgetary constraints. But know that it should be a priority now more than ever, as new threat trends in the hospitality industry appear every day.

New Challenges

As the world’s economy becomes more vulnerable, attackers keep monetizing networks and users’ data. There was an increase in the popularity of data theft and ransomware. Nowadays, it is imperative to set the proper controls in the hospitality industry to create a secure and safe environment. There are a few elements that can help you adapt security for your business:

  • An inclined security mindset
  • Secure access to the network
  • A secure environment for work
  • Secure collaborations

You should plan, prepare and practice, always aiming for better and more robust cybersecurity. Invest in the right resources and use them accordingly. Try to keep up with the latest threat trends in the hospitality industry and make sure your company is ready to face those issues.

About the Future

It would be best if you continued moving forward, collaborating side by side with partners, implementing new tools. The goal should always be to protect your business, clients, employees, and organizations working with you.

We at Secure Stay hope that in 2022 you will keep growing your business and your security game with it. Enhance your knowledge, use it strategically and exploit your capabilities. Our team of experts is here to help guide you through it.



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