Even though the most immediate victims of cybercrimes are financial services, the hospitality industry is also at gunpoint due to the volumes of sensitive information in the databases.

In recent history Marriott International and British Airways were two major victims of cyber attacks. These two serve as an example that the safety of customers’ data should always come first and should not be compromised. With companies fighting unceasingly to survive during difficult pandemic times, the businesses from all industries are exposed to cyber attacks, which means that security of sensitive information should be dealt with accordingly.

In this light CEOs should find time and resources to consider how to couple existing infrastructure with effective cyber security strategies. …

With an evolving global cybersecurity environment, we are all talking about one of the most susceptible industries, hospitality. In 2019, a major leak of stolen credential happened and hotel systems were violated. Choice Hotels has lost over 700,000 consumer records to cyber hackers and Marriot Hotels has been fined £100 million for their 2018 incident. This year, hotels will remain an aim for cyber criminals, as the amount of information they hold is a possible gold mine for online criminals. Today, it is more critical than ever for hotels to start investing in cyber protection strategies to ensure that they…

Be on the safe side with Secure Stay.

The threat of cyber crimes is extremely relevant these days. The matter of cyber crimes should be taken seriously by hotel owners. The experts say that it might cost businesses more than one million dollars to recover from a cyber attack. And what is even more intimidating, the time to spot a data breach in 2019 was more than seven months.

In the past three years there had been thirteen large data breaches. On the forums hackers on the dark web are visiting, there have been mentions of such hotels as Hilton and Marriott.

It is believed that hotels are…

Be aware of cyber security threats with Secure Stay

It is not a secret that it is tough for privacy regulators to identify and catch cybercriminals, as they are learning to adapt their strategies. The technological development has its dark sides, and you can read the article on the Secure Stay blog and learn what you can do to stay protected here. In 2019 there were more than 3000 cases of breaches that were disclosed publicly. The number is only increasing with time, as you have already guessed. …

Secure Stay about Self-Service and Touchless Tech
Secure Stay about Self-Service and Touchless Tech

Until now, the industry’s main focus was to create a seamless experience for guests in their facility, customize services and features to serve, and foresee any wish and desire of their customers.

Since the Virus brought awareness to the potential invisible risks associated with physical touchpoints, providing a hands-free experience has become essential for both travelers and Hospitality Providers.

Nowadays, with the coming of COVID-19, the focus has shifted, and the customer is looking for a contactless experience.

Criton’s survey revealed that 80% of potential hotel guests would be willing to download a Hotel App to facilitate a contactless experience…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing everything about cybersecurity for better and for worse.

But first, what is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that attempts to replicate or simulate human intelligence in a machine, so that it can perform tasks that typically require human reasoning. Some programmable functions of AI systems include planning, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision making, resulting in AI being able to learn on its own and adapt , grow and change based on new data.

AI, like any computer, has the super-power of data-processing, but in addition to standard computers, it has the evolving ability to analyze large volumes of data and identify, isolate and explain patterns. …

When we think of burglars breaking into our safe zone and violating our privacy, we often imagine the thief bypassing our alarm system, the entry taking place through some kind of broken door or window, latex gloves, black wool hoods, a big mess of personal item thrown around the room out of drawers, the grabbing of precious goods and, finally, the thief hurrying and running out never to be seen again.

But when we mention cybercriminals, such as Hotel’s hackers, the story is totally different as the tight window of opportunity is often not an issue: they might even consider…

Secure Stay protects hotels data from breaches
Secure Stay protects hotels data from breaches

In the Hospitality field, more than in other industries, applications and systems are exposed to the internet, creating more opportunities for entry points and therefore attacks on the troves of passwords, personally identifiable information, credit card details and other sensitive information stored in them.

Hospitality and retail security require ongoing diligence and multiple layers of defense.

As hackers continuously target the industry for its secured data, dozens of breaches have been reported by hotels since 2010.

Those attacks targeted major multinational corporations, booking sites, as well as single or privately owned properties.

Here is a timeline of the widely reported…

Cybersecurity threats in hotels
Cybersecurity threats in hotels
Cybersecurity threats in hotels

When it opens its doors to guests, the hospitality industry welcomes them into a safe physical environment. Unfortunately, it often fails to guarantee the same degree of safety and security to its clientele in the online realm, by neglecting to invest proper means in protecting them from Cyberattacks. The consequences can be, as we’ll see, dire — not just for the customers themselves but for the hotels as well — since putting the former at the mercy of malicious individuals that use your facility as a hunting ground will eventually affect their loyalty to you.

There has been an increasing…

Secure Stay

Secure Stay is the leading cyber security company in the hospitality field. For many years, we’re preventing cyber risks in the hospitality market

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